Your child’s academic success is our priority! We provide a variety of tutoring services and programs for all subject areas for Grades 9-12.

We take a customized approach that takes into account your child’s learning style, skills, and academic goals. We take a look at not just the content of the subject matter your child is learning, but HOW your child is learning… and will implement strategies to maximize your child,s success.

Our 4-Step Process:

  • Upon intake, we will assess your child to determine his/her learning needs and goals for improvement.
  • Your child will be matched with an appropriate tutor.
  • Customized support will be provided.
  • Needs will be re-assessed if/when necessary.

Through Toronto eLearning School, your child will be enabled to:

  • Build a strong foundation for better grades
  • Be prepared for exams
  • Feel confident about his/her academic skills
  • Build skills that improve learning in all subject areas
  • Open doors for the future

Programs Offered

Tutoring (Elementary & High School Students)

  • Available for ALL subjects Grades 7-12
  • Available in one-to-one and small group format
  • For students who want to better understand the content of a particular course
  • Helpful if a student wants to raise a mark in a class OR if a student is having difficulty understanding material from a particular class
  • Assess & target some learning gaps

Maximize Your Success Programs:

English Enrichment:

  • Reading, writing and speaking skills need to be strong in order to maximize marks in all subjects
  • These customized classes identify and target gaps (weak areas in marks) in ALL subjects in order to maximize achievement
  • Includes a free assessment to identify gap/s in reading, writing, speaking, test and assignment completion as well as how the student is approaching their work and learning
  • Geared for students who:
    • Want to improve results in all subjects at school
    • Understand the content (material) of their courses but want to achieve higher marks
    • Are getting less than 100% in their courses and are losing marks for reasons other than understanding course material

Math Enrichment:

  • Customized classes to identify and target gaps (weak areas in marks) in mathematics in order to maximize achievement
  • Free assessment to identify gap/s in various areas of math, test and assignment completion as well as how the student is approaching their work and learning
  • Geared for students who:
    • Are having difficulty getting good marks because of areas of math not understood from previous years
    • Want to learn new math skills to become stronger students

OSSLT Preparatory Course:

  • How to complete each part of the literacy test successfully
  • How the test is marked
  • Student work is marked during each class
  • Each student given suggestions to improve score by 10-20 marks in each class!

Curriculum Courses – Saturday / Sunday

  • Gr 9 – 12 math tutoring – learn the course before taking it in school

Consulting Available For:

  • Determining possible cause/s of a child’s poor performance in school and creating a plan of action
  • Course planning in challenging situations (meeting graduation & post-secondary admission requirements)
  • Supporting a student who is having difficulties in multiple classes
  • Translation and live online meetings available

Essay Workshops:

  • Interactive hands-on workshop takes you through the essay writing process:
    • Generating & developing ideas
    • Developing strong arguments
    • Organizing into proper format
    • Citing sources and avoiding plagiarism (MLA style)
    • Adding stylistic elements
    • Editing
  • Individual assistance and feedback given to improve results

Exam Survival Workshop:

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of work at the end of the semester? Our Exam Survival workshop will guide you through the process and will get you through the semester successfully.
  • Create an individualized plan:
    • Step-by-step approach to meet all your deadlines (Final Projects, tests, presentations, essays, etc.)
    • Detailed exam studying schedulee
    • Exam studying tips
    • Time management strategies
    • Organizational strategies

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