College/University Application

Apply to College or University with an OSSD

Each college or university can decide on admission requirements and select which students to accept.

Generally, you can apply to a college or university in 1 of these categories:

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre-OUAC

A student’s OSR may reside at another public or private school while being simply taking one or more courses with Toronto eLearning School. This student will complete an OUAC 101 application through their home school. Toronto eLearning School will send all required TES course information to OUAC on behalf of the student. There is no fee associated with this service.

A student whose OSR resides at Toronto eLearning School and who is currently earning the OSSD is considered a 101 applicant. This student may request Toronto eLearning School generate a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for them. The student then uses this PIN to log in and create a 101 Application. Once the student has applied, We will upload all Grade 11 and Grade 12 academic information to OUAC.

For students who are OUAC 105 applicants or students applying to universities outside Ontario, Toronto eLearning School will communicate with up to three institutions at no charge with a letter of enrolment, midterm report, and a final report.

Ontario College Application Service-OCAS

A student who applies to colleges through will require us update their account with any courses they are taking at Toronto eLearning School.

TES University Application Services

We are proud to provide University Application assistant to all students who need some help design their study plan, program of choice, proofreading or transfer schools since 2013.

For fees of academic planning and post-secondary application service, please see Toronto eLearning School Academic Services.

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